It is our goal to supply a service to our clients that takes all of the work and worry away and allows he or she to have a life, make some serious money and enjoy sports betting the way it should be enjoyed. We believe in one-on-one service with one goal in mind: Making you Money. Using Capper Advantage is like having your own personal stock broker, only our area of expertise is Sports Handicapping.

Handicapping sports is overwhelming, time consuming and just plain hard! Finding an honest, professional and cost effective solution to help you win can be just as hard; the industry is flooded with pyramid schemes, bogus claims and outright lies. By the time you have figured out that you aren’t getting the “triple diamond, super secret, 1,000 star plays” because you didn’t buy that package, you are already in the hole and chasing to get it back.

CapperAdvantage.com is a simple and reasonable solution to help you become a more successful sports bettor. You won’t get “free picks” that “missed the cut”; why bother?  What you will get are the solid picks and analysis from not 1, but 2 of the better cappers out there.


All picks from both proven handicappers are included in both packages.

Our Bets never fluctuate, in other words Bet the same amount 1 unit on Every Play.

There are a lot of options in this industry, but you won't find a better value from two of the most passionate, honest and respected cappers in the game.

At CapperAdvantage.com, we're invested in helping you win!

Good luck and we'll see you at the cash window!